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How does it work?

You are entitled for the compensation when:

  • You flight was delayed
  • Your flight was cancelled
  • You were denied boarding
  • You missed connecting flight

... And yes - for our service you do not pay anything out of your pocket! We keep the commission from the compensation paid by the airline only in case of positive resolution of the case in your favor.

To apply on our website, you only need 5 minutes of free time: enter your personal and flight details. Our lawyers will take care of everything else. Submit application
After applying, we:
  1. We will check your case and prepare an initial claim to the airline,
  2. We will work with the airline for the pre-trial settlement of the dispute, including correspondence and negotiations with the airline's lawyers,
  3. As a last resort, we will submit documents and will defend your interests in the court, while we incur all legal expences.
Based on the results of a positive resolution of the case, you receive compensation. On average, the resolution of the case with the airline takes from several weeks to several months. The timing depends, among other things, on the airline we are dealing with,
To calculate the approximate amount of compensation you can use our calculator Submit application

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